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O.L.I.V.E films

Each month, filmmakers from around the world submit five minute films on topics related to mental health. The winning filmmaker receives $1,000 and has their film added to the OLIVE Film Collection and featured in Movies for Mental Health events throughout the U.S. and Canada.

By: Steve Bastoni

Topics: Suicide  |  Depression

An unexpected act of kindness changes a man’s trajectory.

August 2016 Winner

by: Dustin Lowman

Topics: PTSD

A man fights his battle with PTSD.  Only after his breaking point does a moment of clarity come, and he discovers help is there and it’s closer than he thinks.

September 2016 Winner

by: Brian A. Ross

Topics: Suicide

An inspiring comedic-drama, “The Letter” follows a heartbroken New Yorker struggling with depression who finds the writing of his suicide letter punctuated by a chance meeting with a mysterious woman (and a sweater-wearing dog) who may ultimately save his life.

October 2016 Winner

by: Ashlen Harkness

Topics: Bipolar 

‘Core.’ is an empathetic exploration of the internal experience and external display of Anxiety and Panic. The film is a piece of dance film, it utilises the bodies of three Contemporary/Ballet trained dancers to show and recreate the physical experience of Anxiety. The narrative is written by Fox Fromholtz, who lives with Panic Disorder and Anxiety. The sound score was composed by Juice Webster, a regular collaborator on dance performance and dance film.

November 2016 Winner

by: Victor Okoye

Topics: Depression

A perfect state of mind can be achieved in so many ways, one of which is finding ones own purpose. Purpose tells the tale of a man’s struggle with depression who found true meaning in a place he least expected.

December 2016 Winner

by: Saida Saetgareeva

Topics: Suicidality

The January 2017 Art With Impact short film competition winner aims to increase clarity around the mental illness experience, evoke empathy towards people who undergo depression as well as to encourage affected individuals to break the silence and speak up! How does it feel to undergo depression and not be able to speak up about it due to the fear of rejection or judgment?

January 2017 Winner

by: Robert Morelia

Topics: Mental Wellness

This is a biopic of a student attending California State University San Marcos, Olivia DePaul who lives with mental health issues like stress and anxiety. This only a small part of her story, as she shares the importance of reaching out for help.

February 2017 Winner

by: Vicki Kisner

Topics: Depression

Mia (16) has been feeling low. She’s even been contemplating suicide. After an argument with her best friend Mia discovers she’s been suffering from depression and anxiety. She is referred to a specialist unit and starts to learn how to cope with her feelings. Help is out there.

March 2017 Winner

by: Rory McLeod

Topics: Anxiety

Zoe thinks she’s perceived negatively by others, but how does she know its true? The film explores the complexities of living social anxiety.

April 2017 Winner

by: Sharon Nyarko

Topics: Depression

This short video addresses depression and how it’s immensely trivialized and downplayed. It also reveals the power that words have over actions people take.

May 2017 Winner

by: Abby Thompson

Topics: Eating Disorders

“If you develop an eating disorder when you are already thin to begin with, you go to the hospital. If you develop an eating disorder when you are not thin to begin with, you are a success story.”

June 2017 Winner

by: Fenny Wang and Karishma Antia

Topics: Eating Disorders

This stop motion animation shows the emotional struggle of living with an eating disorder from a first person perspective in hopes of busting stereotypes and building empathy. The title refers to the journey to wellness starting with acceptance.

July 2017 Winner

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