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promotes mental wellness



young people


art and media.

creating space


Provide unique and safe spaces to learn, cultivate empathy, and reduce stigma in all regions of North America, connecting individuals to comprehensive mental health resources

Continue to expand and make available the world’s most diverse and compelling collection of short films on mental health, supporting a network of filmmakers, artists and young people in an interactive online community

Maximize collaboration between the arts and social movements by engaging professionals and academic institutions through sustainable partnerships and transparency of methods and outcomes


As an organization we are committed to impact… it’s right there in our name. So we evaluate our work. We measure our progress. We are willing to change direction when something proves ineffective. Our commitment to achievement requires courage, flexibility, humor and, above all, an open mind.


We are committed to making long-lasting, durable social change. This requires responsible decision making that prioritizes the health and well-being of our community. As part of an ecosystem, we strive to contribute to our partners’ success. To ensure the longevity of our impact, we are committed to fostering diverse income streams, constantly evaluating our programs and regularly updating our strategies to meet current needs.

Personal Growth

Each of us is on a personal journey. Art With Impact team members are committed to growing as people in understanding, compassion, skills and relationships. We foster growth in one another through concrete support, and by encouraging new skills development, both through formal and informal means, so that we can be our best selves and better serve our diverse community.ed to go ahead and take the action you want. To make this item your own click here > Add & Manage Items.


At the core of each person is a unique and precious identity. Art With Impact team members honor themselves, stay true to their own personal values, and carefully consider their words and actions in the context of who they are. In turn, we are able to be authentic with and genuinely supportive of those we serve.


At the core of our relationships is respect for each person. Honoring different points of view and diverse experiences, we communicate cordially and with compassion. We respect the unique strengths of each individual we encounter, and seek to understand where others are coming from, demonstrating grace and generosity in our interactions.


We want everyone to succeed and meet their potential. We cultivate empowerment by encouraging and supporting individuals to take new steps to support their own growth, and to share new tools with one another that encourage independence and self-actualization and by helping to find solutions that enable them to do so.

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